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Our Policies

Ethics, honesty and transparency policies.

The purpose of the ethics, honesty and transparency policy of L’ORFEBRE, S.A, is to comply with the anti-money laundering rules, regardless the industry channel they may come from within.

We understand also that the fulfilment of these obligations by the refinery L’ORFEBRE, S.A. are not limited only to the knowledge and compliance of the Andorra law, but also with all those which the original mineral has L’ORFEBRE, S.A as a final destination. That is why we must act from the origin (producer/ miner or trader) to the end customer or the placement of gold in the international market.

Transparency is essential in these operations, and therefore enforceable by the Company, its partners and its employees.

In this regard, the Company will not accept any commission or service that has not complied with the corresponding Andorran customs controls. Nor minerals from any firm that has not passed the corresponding COMPLIANCE will be accepted by our Company.

L’ORFEBRE, S. A. Company will not accept metals from war zones or with international bans. Neither will accept them if source is unknown, uncertain or likely of being smuggled.

To consolidate all these actions, we have developed our Code of Ethics: This document is the concrete expression of our culture and our ethical values.

Implies guide and conduct behaviour, and it reaffirms our highest standards of honesty and integrity.
It helps us to do better what we are already doing well.

Business ethics are becoming more and more, a cornerstone for the support and sustainability of a company, as well as to contribute positively into the world in which we work.
That is why, in our Code of Ethics is of a main importance to all the staff at L’ORFEBRE, S.A.

Our code meets the following contents:

  • All ethical values ​​that guide our actions.
  • The expected behaviour with our most important stakeholders.
  • The principles and behaviours that those groups expect from us.
  • Actions to enforce this Code and channels to communicate the concerns and doubts.