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We have different policies:

Environmental Policy

  • L’ORFEBRE, S.A. has the most advanced technology in the treatment and recycling of waste whether solid, liquid or atmospheric. In this sense we have a recycled water treatment plant that allows all treated liquids, and send them to the drainage system.

    We also have a filtering station and air recycling system to eliminate and prevent the emission of gases into the atmosphere that are coming from the tuning plant.
    In the area of ​​the casting metals, we have a filtering system with a particle filter that prevents any output of pollutant gases or fumes into the atmosphere.

    L’ORFEBRE, S.A. respects the environment and recognizes that it is our duty to carry out all our activities in a responsible manner, maintaining a clean environment, in order to keep it safe and healthy.
    We are committed to continually improving our processes in order to prevent pollution, minimize waste and make efficient use of natural resources.

    We develop innovative solutions to minimize climate environmental risks. To achieve these goals we develop the following tasks:

    • To comply with all laws and regulations and any other requirements necessary both in the Principality of Andorra (www.mediambient.ad), as well as with any of the countries we have business relations with.
    • To have technical support of specialists companies, and to count with the advice of the Department of Environment and the Government of Andorra.
    • Manage efficiently and safely the use of our resources.

    • To work to prevent pollution and minimize waste generated by our activities, (Law 25 /2004 of 14/12/2008 of Waste). This law has, as a main objective that Government of Andorra carries out a sound environmental management of wastes, such as to ensure the preservation of people’s health and the protection of the environment, in accordance to the objectives of the National Waste Plan. This law has allowed deploying a wide range of regulations: the National Catalogue of Private Waste Management, the Management of Hazardous Waste, and the Waste Export.
    • To minimize the risks of climate change.

    • To establish, maintain, improve and continuously audit the production and management systems, in order to detect and monitor environmental issues.
    • To ensure that everyone in the company is aware of this policy and of their own responsibilities, involving all suppliers, customers and other companies related to L’ORFEBRE, S.A.  All levels of command are primarily responsible for the results of the preservation of the environment.

    All these principles are found in the Code of Ethics of the company, and the company provides the means and resources for the fulfilment of this policy.

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