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Confidentiality Policy

L’ORFEBRE, S.A., according to Law 15/2003 of 18 December 2003, Protection of Personal Data (LOPD), informs that the data you provide us through our website, both by sending the completed forms or your emails, will be kept in the file created for this purpose. This will enable us to make the necessary arrangements to manage your petitions, and forward you the documents that you may have requested. For more information, visit (www.apda.ad).

Sending us your personal data implies your consent to incorporate the data in our file and treat it according to the specifications described above.

L’ORFEBRE, S.A. agrees to adopt all necessary measures to keep the data confidential.

As Law 15/2003 indicates, you may revoke such consent or modify any of the data by requesting it in writing. This revocation will never have a retroactive effect.

You will ensure all personal information provided to us is real and reliable, and is your responsibility to notify to us of any changes needed, so that the data keeps true at all times.